Christian Education

The Christian Education Ministry Team, as leaders in the body of Christ, believe God’s Word is perfect, living and active. We are inspired by God’s commission to teach and equip people of all ages in Biblical truths. Through the study of God’s Word, it is our vision to present the Gospel, disciple new believers, develop teachers, facilitate spiritual gifts and encourage fellowship among God’s people.

The Christian Education Ministry Team plans education opportunities for adults and children to learn about God, what He says to us in the Scriptures, and how it all applies to our lives. Our Church is blessed with many good Bible teachers. We not only have Bible classes and children’s worship times, but also activities planned periodically during the year to help us actively practice our Lord’s teaching.  These include helping the poor, the hungry and reaching out to our neighbors. We also have seasonal children’s plays and annual picnic to celebrate, have some fun and encourage our teachers, students and congregation in a time of relaxing and fellowship.