Become a Christ Follower

How to become a Christ follower?

A Christian church is one that proclaims that salvation from sin is only possible through the gift of Jesus Christ. But you may know of church members whose lifestyles do not remind you of Jesus Christ. This is because some who appear to have met the external requirements of Christianity, such as, baptism and church attendance, simply have not yet truly embraced Jesus and asked Him to forgive their sins and cleanse their hearts. They have never invited Him to be the Master and Lord of their lives, nor have they received the gift of God’s Spirit. Only when such an invitation is offered does Jesus actually enter your life, and begin to give you the gift of God’s power. If you sense you need to give the Lord such and invitation, we encourage you to it now. You can ask for assistance from the pastor, or ask another genuine believer you know and trust to help you. You may also begin this new journey on your own with a prayer something like this:

Dear Lord, Thank you for hearing me and making me aware of my need. I know that I have sinned; I have offended you and done wrong in your sight, and I confess it all openly to you. Remove my guilt, and forgive me of my sins; and as I turn away from them, empower me with your Holy Spirit to give me the strength to stay away from them. Come into my life, Lord Jesus, and become the Master of it. You came into this world and gave your life to become my Lord and Savior. I now confess and proclaim that you are. Guide me in your ways, and enable me to be a devoted follower of you.

Be sure to talk with another follower of Christ to help you with your next steps as you begin your walk with God.